Tour Opens with Gripping Human-Drama of Anastasia

Toronto ON – (February 8, 2012) Bengt Jörgen, Artistic Director & CEO of Ballet Jörgen Canada, is pleased to announce the launch of the 2012 Coast-to-Coast Tour which opened on February 4 in Nelson, BC with the production of a full-length ballet-story, Anastasia. The award-winning ballet company—recently recognized for its distinguished contributions to touring by the National Arts Centre—will travel through six cities in British Columbia before heading east to Ontario and then on to the East Coast, ending the three-month tour reaching 24 communities across the country.

“Our goal is to bring high-quality ballet to as many communities across Canada as possible, making ballet more accessible to remote and disadvantaged communities so that it becomes a part of Canadian life, much like hockey,” says Jörgen.  “We are thrilled to be bringing our shows to a wide range of communities, many of which we are visiting for the first time.”  The 3-month tour will include Anastasia, Classical & Contemporary Ballet, Ballet in the Studio and A World to Shake as well as a number of school, library and community centre appearances and talks.

Anastasia, a ballet-story of a tragic life, is taken straight from history and is based on the youngest daughter of Russia’s last Tsar, as she grows from a playful tom-boy to a poised young woman—against the backdrop of Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution. This lavish production takes place over the four fateful years that transformed the Russian Empire and ultimately the world.

“…lyrical, attractive and accessible… a crowd pleaser…a what’s not-to-like ballet performed by a company that brings high professional standards to its craft.”
– Paula Citron, the Globe & Mail

Classical & Contemporary Ballet is a ballet at the edge of expression – the edge of emotion, integrating the raw athletics and satin emotion of classical and contemporary dance. The performance brings together the exciting works of a bold new breed of Canadian choreographers.   The 2011-2012 program will feature Icarus, the extraordinary tour-de-force of physicality and risk-taking from one of Canada’s most daring dance-makers, Malgorzata Nowacka; Life and Laughter, a recent work from Bengt Jörgen; Frog and Toad by Haligonian, Ruth-Ellen Kroll Jackson: and Rendezvous by the mesmerizing Robert Desrosiers. Classical excerpts from the ballet Cinderella round out the evening. These works showcase a challenge to the traditional conventions of ballet, and highlight the grace of the art form.

 “This bold, new breed of ballet choreographers present a vital, stunning program.”
– The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton

Ballet in the Studio offers the public the rare opportunity to see professional dance from an arm’s-length away.  This in-studio performance will give the audience a sampling of the company’s cutting-edge choreography, repertoire and upcoming performances. It is a chance to see first-hand the newest and most exciting work the company is performing as it is still being developed in-studio. The performance also gives the audience a chance to meet and interact with the dancers.

A World to Shake is a new Canadian story that introduces a world of discovery for children of all ages. Developed by Montreal-born writer Emil Sher, and told through the vibrant choreography of the award-winning Matjash Mrowzewski, this production has captivated young audiences since its premier in 2011. The set design by Lori Endes is dynamically brought to life with lights, projections and rolling sets all of which are integrated with Eric Cadesky and Nick Dyer’s vibrant score. This show exposes children to dance and storytelling through the art of movement—all the while allowing them to laugh, learn, and reflect.

“The music is superb, the movement, transitions, characters, costumes… Loved it all. ”
Patron and her 11 yr old son

Ballet Jörgen Canada 2012 Coast-to-Coast Tour

Date                           Location                         Performance
February 4                             Nelson, BC                                   Anastasia
February 8                             Powell River, BC                          Anastasia
February 10                          Sidney, BC                                   Anastasia
February 12                          Coquitlam, BC                             Classical & Contemporary Ballet
February 13                          West Vancouver, BC                   Classical & Contemporary Ballet
February 16                          Cranbrook, BC                             Anastasia
February 22                          Centreville, NB                            A World To Shake
February 22                          Perth-Andover, NB                    A World To Shake
February 23                          Fredericton, NB                          A World To Shake
February 23                          Coles Island, NB                          A World To Shake
February 24                          Louisdale, NS                              A World To Shake
February 27                          St. Philip’s, NL                             A World To Shake
February 28                          St. John’s, NL                              A World To Shake
February 29                          St. John’s, NL                              A World To Shake
March 1                                 Clarenville, NL                             A World To Shake
March 9-10                          Toronto, ON                              Classical & Contemporary Ballet
March 12                              Huntsville, ON                            Anastasia
March 14                              Toronto, ON                              Ballet Express
March 21-22                       Toronto, ON                              Ballet in the Studio-Anastasia
March 24                              Milton, ON                                  Anastasia
March 30                              Halifax, NS                                  Anastasia
April 2                                    Halifax, NS                                  Anastasia (condensed)
April 4                                    Sackville, NB                               Anastasia
April 7                                    Wolfville, NS                               Anastasia
April 11                                 Truro, NS                                     Classical & Contemporary Ballet
April 13                                 Fredericton, NB                          Anastasia
April 15                                 Summerside, PEI                         Anastasia
April 18                                 Orleans, ON                                Anastasia
April 21-22                           Toronto, ON                              Anastasia

About Ballet Jörgen Canada

Ballet Jörgen Canada is the only major Canadian ballet company with a repertoire exclusively of original works. For almost 25 years, the organization has sought to advance the art and appreciation of ballet and Canadian choreography through performance, educational experiences and outreach.

The organization, known as “Canada’s Local Ballet Company” shares the art form with more Canadian communities than any other dance company. Through their performances and outreach efforts, Ballet Jörgen Canada reaches over 40,000 people each year – one third of whom are under the age of 18.  For more information, visit

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