Canada's Ballet Jörgen Junior Company


Have you done Partner Work Before?

Anna and Kelsey: Yes we’ve done pas de deux before and we also worked on different classes for pas de deux and pas de trois at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet [RWB].

What are some new things that you’re learning?

Kelsey & Anna: How to use our legs and get lower. In our Red Sky and Pas de Deux classes there are some contemporary duets that we haven’t really tried much before either.

What is the best part about Partner Work?

Kelsey: Forming a relationship with your partner and learning how to cooperate and read each other.

Anna: It’s very much a partnership class in which you both have to work together to make it happen and if you don’t have the proper timing it won’t work.

What are the new challenges that come up when doing partner work? How does it differ from doing a solo?

Anna: Every partner is different so when you switch partners it takes an adjustment period to see where you are. Once you start working you are more able to find your center of balance.

Kelsey: It’s not just about you anymore, if you are having an off day you still need to be there and be focused for your partner.

What advice would you give someone when doing partner work?

Kelsey: Be patient and listen to your partner.

Anna: Make sure to keep the lines of conversation open. If you’re really struggling with something your partner might be able to help you and if they are finding something difficult you might be able to help them. It goes both ways. Don’t be afraid to tell and talk to them.

What was your favorite class this week?

Kelsey: Even though I find it the most difficult, ballet is still my favorite class. You really get to slow down, focus and work on your technique.

Anna: I got to be a part of a Ballet 101 community program that Canada’s Ballet Jörgen does and I found that really rewarding and fun.

How do you think you’ve changed from last week?

Anna: I think everyone you keep on building on what you learned or did last week. You hope that what you learned yesterday you can kept building on it.

Kelsey: I think slowly I’m starting to understand the technique here at Ballet Jörgen. You’re always trying to get the technique into your body and it’s still hard work.

Did you do anything fun last weekend?

Anna & Kelsey: We went to Kensington Market and we also went to Mackenzie House, both we’re a lot of fun.

Who is your favorite teacher so far?

Anna: It’s hard because all the teachers have different styles and techniques.

Kelsey: I really enjoy the piece that Hiroto [Saito] created during the year and now we are relearning it. I really enjoyed those classes.

Which teacher suits your style?

Anna: I think there is a little bit in each teacher, like Saniya [Abilmajineva] is very port de bras, she focuses a lot on arms, and with Hiroto it’s a lot of legs and weight placement which I trained in very often before at RWB.

Kelsey: I had a Russian trained teacher for my graduating class and so I find a lot of similarities in Saniya’s work. Bengt also has a lot of ideas like that are similar to our teachers back at RWB on technique and hip placement.


See Kelsey, Anna, and the rest of Junior Company perform at the Junior Company Showcase on Friday, August 4, 2017!

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