Combination of technology and dance breathes life into dance for Ballet Jörgen Canada performer


Taylor Caption

In a challenging and beautiful effect, renowned ballerina Taylor Gill will combine technology and movement in a new form of dance.  Ms. Gill’s partner in the dance is a swirl of shimmering fabrics that tumble in a vortex of billowing air.

A cocoon of air causes the fabrics to rise and fall, tumble and coil, as they weave around Taylor.  As she dances, her movements cause the fabrics to change direction and interact with her, blending artistic expression with dynamic sculpture.  The effect was invented by New York  experiential artist Daniel Wurtzel.

Taylor Gill

Mika Lior, an accomplished Montreal-based, afro-modern dancer will be joining Taylor Gill on the stage of the SATosphere.  Surrounded by billowing fabric, the two will create a visually stunning whirl of movement.

Within the immersive dome of the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) in Montreal, the dance  —  called “A Canada In Conversation”  —  will feature a second unusual effect: the lighting will be moderated according to the rate of flow of Internet traffic across Canada.

“Taylor and the cloud of cloth will be the centrepiece in a visualization of the Canadian dynamic:  a core of beauty illuminated by the conversations of Canadians,” said Ballet Jörgen Canada Artistic Director Bengt Jörgen.  Ballet Jörgen Canada is the country’s most active ballet company, performing in some 50 communities across Canada this year.

The dance, featuring never-before-see integrations of music, dance, lighting and networking,  “is a novel presentation of technology, creativity, and interactive networking  –  social media up-close and meaningful,” added i-CANADA Co-Founder Barry Gander.  i-CANADA is a movement dedicated to the creation of Intelligent Communities across the country, in which people are supported by digital tools that provide greater expression, enhanced living standards, sustainable ecologies, and open futures.

The dance is being held at the i-CANADA SUMMIT on October 21, 2012, at the SAT dome in Montreal.  It is not open to the general public, but will be streamed live over the Internet, allowing communities of interest to see the performance in real time.  The URL will be listed on this site on October 21st:

An HD recording of the dance will be made available on the Internet, and will be used to generate support for the Leave Out Violence (LOVE) program.  LOVE is an award-winning youth violence prevention program that challenges  youth affected by violence to become their own agents of change, capable of transforming their own lives, by investing themselves in their communities, and making the world a safer place.

“I-Canada also welcomes Anton Mattadeen and Chris Dollard from 30db Strategic Transformation as part of our main event, in the transmedia development team,” added Mr. Gander.

About the “Canada In Conversation”  project
Project Ideation:              Daniel Wurtzel, Barry Gander
Presentation:                    Ballet Jörgen Canada, SAT, Louis Taylor
In association with:        DanceMovement Canada

Taylor Gill
Taylor Gill, a native of Canada, trained when she was young at the Alberta Ballet and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet schools. She began her professional training in Vancouver with Yaming Li at Pacific Dance Arts, and she spent her summers training at a variety of schools including the Banff Centre for Performing Arts, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Miami City Ballet and Atlanta Ballet. Taylor qualified as a semi-finalist, and as the only Canadian, at the 2007 Shanghai International Ballet Competition in China. In 2008, she joined Atlanta Ballet Company’s Fellowship program on paid scholarship and she performed Little Swans in John McFall’s Swan Lake, in Michael Pink’s Dracula and Christopher Hampson’s Sinfionetta Giocosa, as well as the lead role as the Evil Queen in Bruce Well’s Snow White. Taylor has just debuted as Odette/Odile in Ballet Jörgen Canada’s 25th Anniversary production of Swan Lake.

Bengt Jörgen
Bengt Jörgen is the Artistic Director Producer of Ballet Jörgen Canada and George Brown Dance. He is a winner of the Clifford E. Lee Choreography Award and has created over 30 ballets for numerous ballet and opera companies including the National Ballet of Canada, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the American Ballet Studio Company, the Canadian Opera Company, Opera Hamilton and the Hong Kong Ballet.  Ballet Jörgen Canada is Canada’s most active ballet company.

Daniel Wurtzel  – Experiential Artist
On its most basic level, Daniel’s work is an attempt to transform ordinary matter into something extraordinary, to bridge the conceptual realm to the material world. His point of entry into art making has been to use materials in ways that distill and re-present various aspects of their inherent physical properties, revealing an unexpected beauty in a previously un-seen way.

Barry Gander – Ideation
Barry creates bankable ideas by bringing together innovators from diverse backgrounds.  Anticipating technology trends, my colleagues merge the opening opportunities together with art and business  –  creating seeds and then harvesting the garden.  I have crystallized endeavors around new partnerships that have been valued in the millions of dollars, and  –  even better – have been valued as meaningful activities to people everywhere.

Louis Taylor – Canada in Conversation Art Director
Louis Taylor has worked in the arts, theatre and film industries as a producer, actor, teacher, acting coach, dancer, writer, director (both in theatre and film), assistant director, casting director, outreach co-coordinator and script consultant.  He has written, co-produced and directed several award-winning short films that have screened at over twenty-five film festivals internationally.  He is presently developing and collaborating on projects that pique his interest

i-CANADA Summit: A Canada for the 21st Century
Sunday, October 21, 2012
SAT Multi-Media Centre, 1201 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal