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Ballet 101

Ballet 101

Ballet 101 is a free event that is presented in libraries and community spaces.  Suitable for all ages, the presentation is approximately 1 hour in length.  Ballet 101 provides an opportunity to learn about ballet as a storytelling medium.  Learn basic positions, discover how to convey emotions through movement try out some dance steps and see excerpts from ballets performed by 2 or 3 professional dancers.

Ballet 101 is very flexibly and can be presented in virtually any space but a minimum dance space of 12x20 feet is preferable. The more space there is, the more extensive the dancing possible. Any floor surface is fine but carpet is better than cement.

Whether you have a story hour, school group or simply a time in the day when you expect patrons might be interested in dropping in for a Ballet 101, we would be delighted to speak with you.  Ballet 101 is often present for families and children, but is easily adapted to concentrate on a diversity of dance themes such ballet history or the creative process for older audiences as well.



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There was pin drop silence when Heather and Levi came in their costumes to demonstrate one of the scenes.

K. Mann

Canada’s Ballet Jorgen has a phenomenal set of dancers. It was great to see them perform elements of their art in our unique space!

Brent W.

If you would like to host a Ballet 101 program in your community

please contact Andrea Page, Program Manager at (Subject Heading: Ballet 101)

or 416-415-5000 ext. 2886