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Ballet 101 program at A. P. Lowe Primary in Labrador City, NL. L to R: Gustavo Hernandez, Márcio Teixeira, Heather Lumsden-Ruegg and Hannah Mae Cruddas with principal Rose Neville.

“It’s special because we go into schools where some of the kids might not have heard about ballet.”


CBJ enjoyed a wonderful tour through Nova Scotia and Newfound & Labrador, connecting with audiences through its Ballet 101 program — an informative and interactive dance presentation that highlights ballet as a storytelling medium.

The company travelled to Nova Scotia at the end of October, bringing with them their wide assortment of Ballet 101 costumes and props, from a lovely practice tutu to the menacing Rat head used in productions of The Nutcracker. Six Ballet 101 programs were delivered to schools and libraries in the communities of Cole Harbour, Lawrencetown, Labrador City, St. John’s, and Corner Brook between October 29 and November 6, with audiences ranging in size from 15 to 450.

Delivering Ballet 101s in the Atlantic region was especially significant to CBJ company dancer, Hannah Mae Cruddas, who has memories of attending the program at a local library in her hometown of Dartmouth. Hannah Mae has been presenting Ballet 101s since joining CBJ over 7 years ago and loves sharing her dance knowledge and passion across diverse communities. “It’s such a rare occurrence for an audience to witness the inner workings of a ballet company,” Hannah Mae explains. “Our Ballet 101 programs provide an in-depth look at the art of storytelling and all the elements that make a ballet come together.”



Ballet 101 in Dartmouth, NS & in Lawrencetown, NS.



CBJ Apprentice, Márcio Teixeira was delighted to deliver the Ballet 101 program for the first time on this Atlantic tour: “It’s special because we go into schools where some of the kids might not have heard about ballet. We show them their first glimpse, and if they want, they can dive deeper and continue to learn more.”

The program’s interactive elements and accessibility make it a truly unique and memorable experience. As Hannah Mae reflects: “Ballet 101 attendees have the chance to participate in a mock rehearsal process, donning the caps of both dancer and choreographer, while also learning that ballet is a language which we can all understand. It’s enlightening, immersive, and super informative!”

To book a Ballet 101 in your community visit: canadasballetjorgen.ca/ballet-101or contact Andrea Page, Program Manager at andrea@balletjorgen.caor 416-415-5000 ext. 2886.


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