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Since it’s inception Canada’s Ballet Jörgen has been committed to supporting the cultivation and development of original Canadian choreography that is reflective the many communities we are working in across Canada and anchored in contemporary Canadian society. By commissioning ballets that are exclusively from Canadian and Canadian based choreographers, we provide sustained support for choreographic development in a range of creative settings for emerging, mid-career and well established artists. Learn more or apply for Canada’s Ballet Jörgen’s Choreography Programs here.
Bengt Jörgen

Barest (1987)
Guildford Cathedral Dalliance of Eagles (1987)
Sculpture in Motion (1987)
Triad (1987)
Universal Rhythm (1987)
Symphony (1987)
Morakulla (1988)
Octapas (1988)
Synesthesia (1988)
In the Spiritus of Ness (1989)
Piece 2 in Numerical Mode (1989)
Piece 5 on Counterpointe (1989)
Piece 6 in Infinite Mode (1989)
Piece 3 in Continuous Mode (1989)
Terpsichore (1989)
Tableaux (1990)
Distance (1990)
Land (1991)
Folkslag (1991)
Siegfried Idyll (1991)
Fragments Of (1992)
Images From Taos (1992)
Bliss (1993)
Swedish Songs – a journey of my heart (1994)
Ink Blots (1994)
Untitled (1995)
Dialogues des Carmelites (1995)
The Nutcracker (1995)
Short & Tall (1996)
Hercules and The Cretean Bull (1997)
Romeo & Juliet (1998)
Salute to Vienna (2001)
Unforgiven (2001)
Coppelia (2002)
Petrushka (2003)
Cinderella (2005)
Anastasia (2007)
The Nutcracker: A Canadian Tradition (2008)
Life & Laughter (2011)
Swan Lake (2012)
Fan Dance (2013)
Sleeping Beauty (2015)

A. Scott Phillips
This Time (1990)
Allen Kaeja

The Complex (2003)
Yet (Again)

Andrew Giday

Limitations (1992)
Unseen Unspoken
When Pigs Fly

Arturo Fernandez
Leading to Love (1993)
Ayelen Liberona
Dance on Camera (2010)
Benjamin Hatcher

A certain laissez-faire (2002)
The Beatles Go Baroque (2003)
The Emperor’s New Clothes (2004)

Crystal Pite

Reflections on Billie (1992)
Shapes of a Passing (1994)
Two Dances for Jane (1995)
Hopping the Twig (1998)

Dana Bondy
Getting Back to Work (2015)
Darryl A. Hoskins
A Little Pink in Black and White (2009)
Debbie Wilson
The Loon’s Necklace (1993)
Derek Sangster

Good Mourning (2012)
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band

Dominique Dumais
Chambers (1997)
Donald Dawson

Dream Reality (1989)
High Tide 
The Beatles Grow Up
Salute to Vienna
The Sparkly Ballerina and the Troll 

Edward Hillyer

Descente de Croix (1989)
Slow Down Old World 
My Muse For You

Gerard Ebitz
Travelers Rest (1994)
Gioconda Barbuto

Series of Events (1995)
Soul’s Echo 

Graham Lustig
Disappointment Lake (1995)
Hanna Kiel
Conversation One (2015)
Hélène Blackburn
Barbarian Allegro (2004)
Howard Richard

A Hard Edge (1994)

Jean Grand-Maître

Six Romantic Pieces (1990)
The Kink 
If I Should Die Before I Wake 

Kathleen Rea

The Day We Have (1994)
Paper Moons and Velvet Thistles 
The Velveteen Man 
The Velveteen Rabbit 

Kevin Irving

In Fires (1991)

Louis-Martin Charest

Laisse-Moi (1996)

Malgorzata Nowacka

Icarus (2009)

Margot Begin-Gillis

Silences Between (with Melissa Page Webster) (2012)

Mark Godden

White Sleep
Rocky Road to Kansas

Matjash Mrozewski

A World To Shake

Melissa Page Webster

Silences Between (with Margot Begin-Gillis)

Michael Downing

The Red Shoes (1991)
Ginger and Fred 
The Continuing Story of the Sombre Reptiles 

Michael Kane
Blue Dance (1993)
Nicola Pantin
Pride Parade Dance (2016)
Nicolo Fonte
Oh, Come On (1993)
Nina Menon
I knew these people (2000)
Patti Caplette

Elegie (1991)
Quatre Etudes 

Paul Anthony Chambers
Salute to Vienna (2003/2004)
Paul Estabrook

Untitled VI (1992)
Untitled #10 – (The Kiss) 

Paula Thomson
Dixit Dominus (1990)
Rena Robinson
Felicity (1994)
Rick McCullogh
Off Base (1991)
Robert Desrosiers

Rendezvous (2007)

Roberto Campanella

Confini Labili (2000)
From the Edge of the Garden
One Reconfigured 

Ruth-Ellen Kroll Jackson

Happiness is an Inch Closer (2009)
Frog & Toad 

Sabrina Mathews
Untitled (2004)
Sarah Slipper
Arms of the Sea (2002)
Serge Bennathan
Mirages (1989)
Simone Clifford
Perfect Imperfection (1991)
Stephanie Ballard
Keep Moving (1989)
Wen-Wei Wang

At the Corner (2002)
Four Dimensions

Yuri Ng

Odette’s Ordeal (1990)
Last Words
Sour Soup


Alexis Cormier
Allen Kaeja
Alysa Pires
Avinoam Silverman
Barbara Dearborn
Christopher Stalzar
Darryl A. Hoskins
Donald Dawson
Elizabeth Dawn Snell
Georgia Rondos
Hanna Kent Feldhaus
Hanna Kiel
Hiroto Saito
Jacinte Armstrong
Jacob Niedzwiecki
Jasmyn Fyffe
Jeffery Chan
Jeremy Nasmith
José Carret
Josh Beamish
Karen Kaeja
Kathleen Rea
Kevin Ormsby
Kym Butler
Laura Bolton
Linette Doherty
Lisa Phinney
Mafa Thomas
Malgorzata Nowacka
Margot Begin-Gillis
Margot Begin-Gillis & Melissa Page Webster
Maria Osende
Maxine Heppner
Megan Fitzgerald & Natalie Sweeney
Melissa Page-Webster
Micaela Archershee
Nancy Greyeyes
Pamela Rasbach
Paul Charbonneau
Penelope Evans
Preston McBain
Robert Desrosiers
Ruth-Ellen Kroll Jackson
Sara Harrigan
Sebastian Mena
Susan Cook
Veronique Mackenzie


Bengt Jörgen
Eddie Elliott (Red Sky Performance)
Hanna Kent Feldhaus
Hanna Kiel
Hiroto Saito
Mafa Makhubalo
Malgorzata Nowacka
Ofilio Portillo & Apolonia Velasquez (Gadfly)
Preston McBain
Saniya Abilmajineva

*Choreographers are listed in alphabetical order by first name

Pictured: Good Mourning by Derek Sangster
Photo Credit: Charlene McIntosh