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Dancer Q&A: Momoka Matsui

March 2, 2020

Momoka dancing the role of Anne. Photo by Lynn Allen Photography.

Q. Congratulations on a successful Tour and for a beautiful portrayal of the title role. What is the most challenging part of dancing Anne?

A.  Anne has a very different personality than I have and she needs to be unique compared to other girls her age. I have to show Anne’s strong personality through dance and really show what her personality is. For me, this is the most challenging. 

Q. What do you think the audience likes most about this ballet?

A. I think audiences love the relationship with Marilla, Matthew and Anne – the idea of becoming a real family. There are so many funny and emotional scenes so It’s hard to pick one!

Watch Momoka backstage getting ready to become “Anne.”

Q. The Company has been on tour with Anne since January and is not finished until May before the final performance in July – how do you stay motivated on a tour this long?

A. For every show I try to think of it as a fresh start. Nothing is ever perfect and there is always something I need to work on — better dancing better acting — I am never satisfied with the status quo, I need to constantly grow.

Left to right: Elizabeth Gagnon as Diana, Clea Iveson as Marilla & Momoka Matsui as Anne. Photo by Lynn Allen Photography.

Q. What does your day look like on the day of the performance?

A. I start the day with coffee and nice breakfast then I’ll sew my pointe shoes for the show and then go to theatre. At the Theatre we will take Company class followed by our spacing rehearsal and a prop check. Then it’s time for makeup and sometimes I’ll get some Physiotherapy — then get ready for the show.

Anne of Green Gables – The Ballet™ is touring across Canada including a few stops in the United States, for a complete list of of tour dates click here.