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Support CBJ Artistic Programs

Play a part in CBJ Productions ($100-$2,499)

All CBJ touring productions travel across the country with custom-made props, costumes, and sets. If you enjoyed our productions, please consider supporting us with a gift today!

Yes! I would like to play a part with a gift of:

$100 (Monthly gift of $10)

To buy a pair of pointe shoes for the company.  Pointe shoes are on average $120 per pair, and we use up to 350 pairs of pointe shoes a year —help us stay en pointe with a gift today!  Donate Now

$250 (Monthly gift of $25)

To help us buy props. We often need several pieces of one item to last us through all the travelling—help us create magic onstage with a gift today!  Donate Now

$500 (Monthly gift of $45)

To make a wig. Our dancers sometimes dance 5 different roles in one performance—help them morph into different characters with a gift today!  Donate Now


$750 (Monthly gift of $65)

To support one session of Ballet 101, our free community event to introduce ballet to the general public– help us groom new audiences by making a gift today!  Donate Now

$1000 (Monthly gift of $85)

To give our company dancers a physiotherapy session. As elite athletes, our dancers need preventive physiotherapy, pilates training and massage therapy to withstand the rigors of their performing schedule. Help our dancers maintain their top condition with a gift today! Donate Now

$1,500 (Monthly gift of $125)

To pay for a dancer in a creative session with a choreographer. Help choreographers showcase their next masterpiece with a gift today! Donate Now


$2,000 (Monthly gift of $170)

To help us make a tutu. Each tutu costs an average of $10,000 and are meticulously designed and handcrafted—help dress a dancer in splendor with a gift today!  Donate Now

1-P1050834 - Susan Leite

Sponsor a Dancer ($2,500+)

CBJ dancers are artists as well as elite athletes. The company travels more than 45,000 kilometres a year in cross Canada tours, sometimes performing every other day. In addition to performances, our dancers also present outreach events in each community and work with young dancers in our Local Participant Program. When not on tour, they spend many hours in the studio rehearsing for the next performance or working with choreographers to create the next masterpiece in Canadian ballet.

If you have enjoyed CBJ dancers’ work, please help them maintain their top condition by making a gift today! You will have the opportunity to partner with a dancer of your choice, and enjoy special recognition for your gift. For more information, please contact Mimi Mok, Development Manager, at 416-415-5000 x2857 or email for details.

Yes! I would like to support CBJ dancers with a gift of:

$2,500 (Monthly Gift of $210)

To support a new CBJ dancer in his/her first years with the company. Give a young artist the opportunity to grow his/her career by making a gift today!  Donate Now

Photo By: Patricia GubbinsPhoto By: Patricia Gubbins


$5,000 (Monthly Gift of $420)

To sponsor a junior CBJ dancer. Excellence in dance requires dedication and perseverance—help a dancer reach new artistic heights with a gift today!  Donate Now

MichelleMacKenzie Nut Milton 2015 (18)

$7,500 (Monthly Gift of $625)

To sponsor a senior CBJ dancer. You have experienced their magic onstage–invest in ballet by making a gift today!  Donate Now

2013-04-04-COC-Ballet Jorgen-9669

“Every dancer projected an intensity, authentic and heart-wrenching, including a technical excellence, a passion for the dance, passion for the character, and passion for the story.  They compelled me to feel it with them.”

For more information on how you can support Canada’s Ballet Jörgen, please contact Stephen Word, General Manager at or 416.415.5000 ext 2857