Book a Master Class or Workshop at your Studio - Ballet Jörgen

Ballet Master Class

Grouped by age/level, and for ages 8 and up

A Company dancer will teach a ballet class to the students. Using CD’s, the dancers will take the students through the paces of a traditional ballet class while imparting his or her own personal expertise as a technical dancer. Every professional dancer with an aptitude for teaching has a wealth of experiential knowledge to share with students, helping them to see things anew and inspiring them to achieve more with their dancing.

Repertoire Class

Grouped by age/level and Recommended for age/level of age 12 and up

A Company dancer will teach choreography from the touring show to the students. Using CD’s, the dancers will take the students through the paces of learning choreography, applying musicality, personality and precision to their role – thus learning about the trade of working as a dancer and telling a story with movement This aspect really connects the students to the performance and gives them something more personal to relate to from the show.

Note:  The best scenario is a 1.25 – 1.75 hour ballet class followed by a 30 – 45 minute repertoire class. Fees are approximately $105/hour + HST/GST.

Pointe Shoe Clinic

Pointe shoes are so unique – both to the art form and to each individual dancer. This workshop provides the opportunity for aspiring dancers to hear directly from an experienced professional dancer exactly what a dancer goes through to have the best pointe!

How Do You:

  • Choose shoe brand, style, size, width, shank, vamp?
  • Adjust your shoes throughout your training and a career?
  • Decide where to sew ribbons and elastics?
  • Darn your shoes and why would you?
  • Make your shoes last longer?
  • Manage blisters, toe nails, cracked heels and more?
  • Decide what to wear inside your shoes? Tape, ouch pouch, spacers etc.

Plus we will talk about training on pointe – the muscles, the lines, the fatigue, the injuries and more.

Pointe Shoe Clinic Details:

This clinic ideally works in conjunction with a master class.

Fee: Free when booked with a master class
$50 +HST on its own (additional costs may apply if transportation costs exceed $50)

General  availability for all master classes, workshops and clinics:

  • anytime the Company is near you on tour with performances
  • anytime within 250km of Toronto

To book a class into your school, please contact

Clea Iveson, Education Manager – Canada’s Ballet Jörgen

416-415-5000 x 4928