Summer Intensive IV

Typically for Ages 16 and up, by audition only

Summer Intensive IV 2022 Program

By Audition Only

All program dates, fees, schedules and program format is subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We are excited to return to in person Summer Programs this year! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are prepared to run the program in person, online or a combination of both. Our primary concern is the health and safety of our community, and we look forward to providing quality training no matter the format of the program. The program will take place at George Brown College – Casa Loma Campus in the CBJ studios. The schedule is made up of a variety of classes, including ballet, pointe, contemporary, composition, repertoire, and coaching.

Please view a Summer IV Program sample schedule HERE.


Typically for age 16 and up


July 3rd-August 4th

1, 3, or 5 week program options are available.

Tuition Fees:

2023 Program Fees TBD

Residence Fees:

2023 Residence Fees TBD

View the Ballet Jörgen Summer Dance Refund Policy HERE.

Natayu Mildenberger Ballet Jörgen Junior Company

Program Description

An intensive ballet training program with Canada’s Ballet Jörgen professionals; students are pre-professional dancers who work on perfecting classical technique, learning company repertoire with company dancers in a program that also includes specialized coaching classes, one-on-one privates and contemporary, composition, yoga and conditioning classes. You will never be in better shape than you are after spending these five weeks with artistic director Bengt Jörgen and his dancers & faculty.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are prepared to convert the Summer Intensive IV program to a virtual format should it be necessary. Our primary concern is the health and safety of our community. The program will take place in person and daily classes run from 9:00-5:30 pm EST approximately, with breaks

Acceptance into this program is by audition only.

Class Descriptions

Ballet Class (up to 10 dancers)
Teachers: Daniel Da Silva, Hiroto Saito 

Ballet Class will consist of a full barre and some centre exercises designed to get the body warm for the day, build strength, and develop the technical base necessary for other classes. Teachers will focus on alignment, port de bras, and coordination.

Coaching Class (up to 5 dancers)
Teachers: Daniel Da Silva, Clea Iveson, Hiroto Saito 

Coaching will be an opportunity to focus on the detailed execution of specific movements, but also to observe how teachers teach technique and class. We learn just as much from observing as we do from doing. Each class will focus on a different step and each week will have a theme. With smaller class sizes, teachers will rotate through working with each student, while the others observe, not just the dancer, but also the language and teaching strategies involved in working to refine ballet technique. Students are encouraged to take notes for their own dance and teaching practices.

Pointe Class
Teachers: TBD 

Pointe Class will focus on building and maintaining strength to improve pointe work. This class will involve foot and ankle strengthening exercises as well fundamental leg work. Please have a dish towel, theraband, tights, or something stretchy. 

Men’s Class 
Teachers: TBD

Men’s class will focus on building and maintaining strength for jumps and partnering.  

Teachers: TBD

Immerse yourself in the process of ‘becoming an Anne dancer’! Classes will be split between roles, and each week will focus on different scenes from Anne of Green Gables – The Ballet CBJ’s newest full-length ballet! How do our facial expressions and physical punctuations communicate with a partner on stage or to the audience? This class will focus on taking the technical steps and building a character around that to tell a story. 

Teachers: TBD

Contemporary classes will focus on floor and centre work, through which teachers will engage with a variety of contemporary and modern techniques. 

Teachers: TBD

Composition classes are an opportunity for students to begin developing their own choreographic process and artistic voice. Teachers will work with students to develop their own work through movement tasks and other movement creation methods. 

Dance Discussion 
Teachers: Led by Elise Tigges and joined by Clea Iveson & other guests

Dance discussions will explore different aspects of dance including issues in the industry, history, repertoire and more – dancers will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from professionals. 

Teachers: TBD

Pilates is an excellent form of cross-training for dancers. This class will focus on building and maintaining strength necessary for injury prevention and success in dance. 

Teachers: TBD

Yoga is an excellent form of cross-training for dancers. Placed at the end of the day, these classes offer a change to stretch and realign the whole body in an effort to build a deeper understanding of your own state of health and well-being. 

Audition Information

If you are interested in attending Ballet Jörgen’s Summer Intensive IV program, please pre-register for an audition (highly recommended):

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Video auditions are available.

Please follow our video requirements to audition for our Summer Intensive IV Program and send all requirements in one email to


Testimonials from Summer Dance Academy 2022 

“The environment was very welcoming and positive. I loved getting to learn repertoire.”

“I liked that we got the chance to work with many teachers and had the opportunity to have privates”

“The way the instructors and staff were passionate about their work and took care to help me personally was amazing!”

“I absolutely loved getting to learn lots of CBJ repertoire and being part of the creation process for new works!”

“The teachers were so focused for us to use the correct muscles so that we could dance for a long and healthy career. I liked how it was very focused on ballet. The teachers cared about every single student and corrected us in a way that we understood and always very nicely.”

“It was amazing to attend in person this year, and the teachers were all very supportive and engaged, and every class had something new to offer.”

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For program information, please contact Clea Iveson or 416-415-5000 ext. 4928