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Junior Company

(for CBJ apprentice positions, typically for ages 18 and up)

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Summer Intensive IV
(typically for ages 16 and up)
Summer Intensive III

(suggested ages 15 and up)

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Summer Intensive II

(suggested ages 12 to 14)

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Summer Intensive I

(suggested ages 9 to 11)

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George Brown College Facilities – Studios

Our Studios are located at George Brown College – Casa Loma Campus, 160 Kendal Ave. Building C Rooms 126 – 131 Toronto ON, M5R 1M3. We are tucked into a corner of the basement near Campus Management; on the first day leave yourself extra time to locate us. Our office phone number is 416-961-4725. We have 4 studios named A,B,C & D. Studio A & D are smaller in size, Studio B is medium in size and Studio C is the largest studio. All studios have Marley flooring.

Change Rooms & Lockers
There are women’s and men’s change room facilities located right by the studios. They each have a limited number of lockers in the change rooms that you can use to store your things, if you decide to use one please bring your own lock. Canada’s Ballet Jörgen and George Brown College are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items while attending the programs. It is advised that you keep all personal effects such as wallets, IPods, jewelry on you in the studios. Additional lockers outside of the change room can be assigned upon request.

Washrooms & Water Fountain 
Washrooms are located just a short walk down the hallway from our studios as well as a water fountain.

Cafeteria & Convenience Store
There are 2 cafeterias available for meals and snacks in the college; the first is located in the basement, the same as our studios.  The second cafeteria is located one floor up from us. Also a convenience store is located within the college in the basement adjacent to the cafeteria facilities. Outside on the perimeter of the college is located a full service Tim Horton’s, a second convenience store and a Pizza Nova. Near the subway station are further deli, café and restaurant options.

Class Scheduling (SUM II, III, IV and JC)
You should be at the school and ready to start at 9:00am; official warm-up starts at 9:10am. Part of your training during the summer program is a 15 minute group warm up, you are welcome to arrive earlier than 9:00am to do your own warm up but the group warm up is mandatory. Studios will be open by 8:15am every morning. Classes are in ballet, pointe, modern, yoga, conditioning, repertoire, variations (SI IV only) and creation (JC only). Your class schedule runs Mon – Fri, 9:00am to 5:15pm for Summer Intensive II-III and 5:30pm for both the Junior Company & Summer Intensive IV.

NOTE: For July 1st holiday weekend, the College is closed for holidays on the Monday (we however will still be having classes), access for us is through the main entrance off of Kendal and all students will be placed on the security list allowing them access to the building. Students will need to sign in with the security desk upon entry on this day only. You may be asked to show identification on sign in so please make sure you have some form of photo ID with you. The cafeterias will be closed on these days so you will need to make arrangements for food.

*Please note that all schedules are subject to change. Detailed schedules will be posted on the bulletin board outside the office. Please check them daily to see if any changes or updates have been made.

Dress Code
There is no dress code per-say but it is recommended that you wear presentable dancewear and have options. Baggy warm-up wear is strongly discouraged once class has started. You’ll need ballet slippers and pointe shoes (women).

Absent/Sick Policy
If you are ill or going to be absent from a class or for the day, you must phone the office and leave a message informing us by 9am with the reason for your absence. The office phone number is 416-961-4725. If you reach voicemail please state clearly your name, which program you are in and the reason for your absence.

Cancellation Policy for Summer Dance Programs
Once a student has auditioned (Summer Intensive IV & Junior Company) or applied (Summer Intensive I, II, III) and been offered a position in the program:  A non-refundable deposit fee is due within 5 business days of registering for the program and this will hold the student’s spot in the program.

Full tuition fees are due to keep your spot in the program, please check the individual Summer Intensive I, II, III, IV and Junior Company pages for payment fees and due dates.

Please check our Cancellation, refund and withdrawal policy page for program and residence details.

Residence Details

Click here for information on Summer Residence details.

Who can apply for residence?

Residence is available to all students, ages 12 years or older. (Excluding Summer Intensive I Programs).

What is the cost of residence?

Please check the Summer Intensive II, III, IV and Junior Company program pages for residence rates.


Where is the residence located?

CBJ Summer Intensive students will be living in the Victoria College residence (85 Charles Street, Toronto, ON). The residence is located on the University of Toronto, St. George campus. Students will live a two-minute walk from Museum TTC station – three subway stops away from George Brown College, Casa Loma campus. Students will live just minutes away from the Gardiner Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Bata Shoe Museum, the Varsity Arena, the Royal Conservatory of Music, Queen’s Park, Yorkville shopping district and many, many stores and restaurants. Visit for more details.

What are the rooms like?

The rooms are setup suite style – with single rooms and common living spaces (shared bathroom, living room and full kitchen with stove, fridge, etc.) The suites usually accommodate 4 people – with the exception of the large suite, which accommodates 12 people. All rooms include linens, wifi, television, etc. There are some rooms that are double rooms. We normally reserve those rooms for students who prefer to room together. We will never put students in a double room without notification.

What will the students eat?

Breakfast and dinner will be provided by the residence for students registered in Summer II/III. Students registered in Summer IV or Junior Company must provide their own dinner. Bagged lunches are available for an additional fee. There is also a full-service cafeteria at George Brown College, where students can purchase a lunch on their own. Some available options are: Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza, TREATS [Fit-For-Life Menu] and Subway.

Does the meal plan accommodate special dietary needs?

In some cases – yes. The following are some of the dietary considerations the university has made in the past: Vegetarians, lactose intolerance, allergies or food intolerances (e.g. gluten-free options), halal food. In the case that your child has a food allergy, please provide us with the medication and instructions on how to properly administer the prescription, in case of emergency. If your child has a dietary restriction, indicate the restriction on their application form and how best to accommodate it.

Are the students going to have a chaperone?

CBJ provides a chaperone for students, ages 17 and under. Chaperones live in the residence with the summer students. Each chaperone is assigned to supervise 10 students. The students go for breakfast with their chaperones and then depart together to George Brown College via the subway. The chaperones accompany the students all the way to class. There is a lunch supervisor that will accompany the summer students. The chaperones then meet the students at the end of the day of classes to escort them back to the residence for dinner and evening activities.

Please view the documents below for Emergency Procedures


CBJ & GBD Emergency Procedures

GBC Institutional Emergency Procedures

For program information, please contact Clea Iveson or 416.415.5000 ext 4928