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Swan Lake

Local Participant Program

Swan Lake – Local Participant Program

Canada’s Ballet Jörgen is looking for 6-12 student dancers and 2 theatre students to participate with the company in their performance of Swan Lake.

The cast will be assembled from local area students, based on recommendations by their dance/theatre teachers or at an audition. The cast will rehearse with the Company for 1.5  hours the day before the show and then 2 or 3 hours prior to the performance.

The candidates need to learn the choreography quickly, listen well, follow directions and retain them easily. They must have good stage presence and carry themselves well.

Roles will include – 18th Century Servants & Children, Ballroom Attendants, Fortress Soldiers, Court Pages and Ladies in Waiting.

Program Information

Please submit an application form for gaining a local participant role in Swan Lake. All completed forms will be evaluated for a potential role in the production either by recommendation or by audition.

Canada’s Ballet Jörgen Education Manager will select the cast members from the list of recommendations for your region prior to contacting the teachers with the casting results OR, in the case of selection by audition, the cast will be chosen on the day of the audition, followed directly by a rehearsal for selected cast members. Casts determined by recommendation are notified of the casting results approximately 10 days prior to the performance, roles are assigned at the first rehearsal. Casts determined by audition are notified directly following the audition.

British Columbia
Atlantic Canada
ChilliwackMedicine HatReginaCambridgeCorner Brook
Sheridan, WY
CranbrookSt. AlbertSaskatoonGuelphGrand Falls
VernonOttawaSaint John
St. CatherinesSt. John's

Click here for the calendar of Swan Lake performance dates, times and exact locations.

QUESTIONS? Contact: Local Participant Program Coordinator:
Anita Princl – Canada’s Ballet Jörgen – 416-415-5000 xt 4928 cbjeducation@balletjorgen.ca
For teachers to make recommendations: contact (cbjeducation@balletjorgen.ca) to get the username and password

If the dance teacher does not have the student’s personal information (i.e. date of birth, phone number, email address, height, waist & chest measurements, and guardian contact information) the student can provide these details by registering to audition in the same city. The recommendation and audition forms will then be paired to complete the application for a role.




18th Century Servants & Children, Ballroom Attendants, Fortress Soldiers, Court Pages and Ladies in Waiting

Eligibility Criteria

Servants and Ladies in Waiting – 3 to 4 roles
14 years old and up and adult like
Height: 5’4”- 5’8”, Waist: 27”- 34”, Chest: 32”- 37”

Soldiers & Ballroom Attendants – 2 to 6 roles
15 years old and up and adult like
Male or Female
Height: 5’6”- 6’1”, Waist: 30”- 35”, Chest: 35” – 41”
The two Soldier roles are to be filled by theatre students.

Pages & Children – 3 to 6 roles
11 – 14 years old
Male or female
Height: 4’11”- 5’3”, Waist: 23”- 26”, Chest: 27”- 31”

What You Need

Please note that we do not expect anyone to have to purchase special items in order to participate in the show. We can provide most anything a student does not already own or borrow for the show.

For the audition:
Please wear your regular ballet class dancewear and ballet shoes. Be warm and ready to dance.

For your first rehearsal:
Please wear your regular ballet class dancewear and ballet shoes. Where possible, please bring footwear that pertains to the roles you are eligible for, see below for requirements.

For your wardrobe fittings and stage rehearsals:
As well as your own regular dance wear and dance footwear please bring the following:

Wardrobe Requirements:

Undergarments: Body suit, preferably light coloured & sleeveless, pink tights (girls), dance belt/underwear & undershirt for boys

Shoes:  Black dance shoes, character shoes for lady in waiting if you have them or can borrow them otherwise and for all others bring whatever you have, ballet, jazz or other and we can supply shoes if you don’t have any.

Hair: All to bring basic hair supplies (elastics, hairspray, bobby pins, hair pins etc) Girls – Hair will likely be in a low bun, or as needed with your hats, Boys as is.

For the performance(s):

Wardrobe, footwear and hair as determined at the fittings.

Make-up: Basic make-up – brown/black eyeliner. Girls – lipstick & mascara too. Lady in waiting – blush.


I just wanted to forward you our heartfelt thanks for allowing Sarah the opportunity to perform in Toronto.

It was quite an honour and privilege for her to be part of the show and we are very thankful for the opportunity.  The young dancers learn so much from the experience and the entire process of the audition, rehearsals and performances.  The experience resonates with young dancers for quite a while and not only does it build their confidence but it also builds on their love of ballet.

Sarah found inspiration from a number of the company dancers and she has returned to her ballet classes full of spirit and determination.  I also wanted to say how thankful we are that the company members are so great with the young dancers.  They take time to go out of their way to ensure the young dancers feel confident and feel like little stars for the performances.  I applaud you all on doing such a wonderful job inspiring and encouraging our youth.

Thank you again for such a wonderful time.  Good luck with the remainder of your tour!

Dance Studio Owner and Parent Kim


Best of luck with everything and keep doing what you do!  The dance students in Ontario are very thankful.

Dance Studio Owner Briana


One little story – on Wednesday morning I was making the rounds of Lakes District Secondary School, to make sure the 100 borrowed chairs and 20 borrowed tables, the clothes racks and microwaves and soup bowls and spoons and all the other paraphernalia had made their way back to their ‘homes’ in the school, and that all was well at the high school (where the Arts Council is a valued ‘tenant’). I walked back stage in the Multi-Purpose Room. It felt like the magic was gone. The props and sets and costumes – not to mention the dancers – were on their way to Chilliwack. The stage was closed off, the lights were dark, there was no music – and students were quietly waiting for a class, on the exact spot where last night swans danced, Von Rothbart lurked, and Swan Lake captivated 370 people. But … one of the girls waiting for her class had been in the production the night before. She was wearing a Ballet Jörgen 25th anniversary tour T-shirt, and in the middle of her back, along with Toronto and Ottawa and Medicine Hat and Yorkton and St. John, it said “Burns Lake, BC”. She was telling her friends excitedly about the production the night before. The show and the experience lives on, in the hearts and minds of those kids who took part in it.

Thank you, and all at Ballet Jörgen who design and implement and support the Local Participant program, for giving our young people the opportunity to learn and grow, and the memories.

John and Sandra Barth for the Lakes District Arts Council, Burns Lake, BC

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For program information, please contact Clea Iveson

education@balletjorgen.ca or 416.415.5000 x 4928

For more information on how you can support Canada’s Ballet Jörgen, please contact Mimi Mok, Development Manager at mimi@balletjorgen.ca
or 416-415-5000 x 2857