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George Brown Dance is a partnership between Canada’s Ballet Jörgen and George Brown College.

The George Brown College Dance programs offer exceptional professional technical training in the heart of downtown Toronto. With hundreds of theatre, dance and production companies, Toronto offers extraordinary opportunities to aspiring performers. The unique leadership of Canada’s Ballet Jörgen’s expert instructors graduates students with the skills, confidence and connections necessary for employment in a wide range of dance performance settings. Students and faculty have built a strong community that offers continuous support and encouragement at school and beyond. At George Brown Dance, expect to be empowered and challenged to fulfill your dance potential. 
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Our Three Full-time Dance Programs are:

  1. P101 – Dance Performance Preparation
  2. P105 – Dance Performance – Classical Ballet and Contemporary
  3. P106 – Commercial Dance – Jazz and Hip Hop

Audition Information

  • Auditions are held across major cities in Canada throughout the year.  Click here for the list of Auditions across Canada
  • Each audition costs $60 CAD in advance, or $65 on the day in person (payable with exact change, or cheque made out to Canada’s Ballet
  • Auditions are dance classes – students do not need to prepare their own audition material.
  • All programs are professional training programs; students auditioning must have previous training.

In person auditions are ideal, but if you are unable to attend a scheduled audition you can audition by video.

Please follow our video requirements to audition for George Brown Dance and send all requirements in one email to

Click here for Video Audition Requirements

P101 – Dance Performance Preparation

The Dance Performance Preparation (P101) is a one-year certificate program offering high-standard technical and performance training leading graduates to pursue further opportunities for their dance studies and career in dance.

This demanding one-year program begins translating your passion for dancing into the skills necessary to lead a career in professional dance. Graduates have a strong and confident foundation from which to further their professional dance education. Technical training is in classical ballet and is supplemented by pointe, modern and jazz dance. Studies in vocal and acting will enhance your performance versatility, and employability. This program is based on a focused approach to training, rehearsal and performance.

Student Selection
Students auditioning for Dance Performance Preparation are recommended to have a minimum of five years training in Jazz or Modern Dance and elementary level training in Ballet.

A look at your Program
P101 Term 1 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
P101 Term 2 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes

The teachers at George Brown Dance pushed me not only as a dancer but to grow as a person . They inspired me and prepared me for the dance world!

Mariah Sabucco,
P101 Graduate, Training at Iwanson School for Contemporary Dance in Germany

P105 – Dance Performance – Classical Ballet Stream or Contemporary Stream

Dance Performance (P105) is a rigorous and high-standard two-year diploma program graduating ballet and contemporary dancers ready to launch a performance career in professional dance.

This rigorous and comprehensive two-year diploma program provides you with the necessary skills to launch a career in dance. A graduate is a classical ballet and/or a contemporary dancer with the professionalism, technical expertise and industry contacts required to pursue a career in dance. With a choice of specialty in classical or contemporary dance, students train in ballet, pointe, modern and jazz with studies in acting, vocal, repertoire and composition to elevate your overall performance quality and marketability.

Student Selection
Students auditioning for this program should have a minimum of five to seven years in classical ballet and have reached an intermediate level in classical ballet for the Contemporary stream and an advanced level in classical ballet for the Classical Ballet stream; pointe work is required, as well as training in Jazz and/or Modern Dance.

A Look at your Program
P105 Classical Term 1 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
P105 Classical Term 2 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
P105 Classical Term 3 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
P105 Classical Term 4  – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
P105 Contemporary Term 1 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
P105 Contemporary Term 2 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
P105 Contemporary Term 3 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
P105 Contemporary Term 4 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
Summer Intensive IV – Sample 5 Week Schedule (highly recommended)

Further Study Can Be
The Mentorship Program with Canada’s Ballet Jörgen
The Junior Company with Canada’s Ballet Jörgen

George Brown Dance gave me the confidence and skills I required to pursue a career in dance. Intensive training and one on one attention with knowledgeable teachers made it easier to take my training one step further, leading to a career with Canada’s Ballet Jörgen.

Heather Lumsden-Ruegg – 2010 Summer Intensive IV student, 2011 P105 Graduate, 2011-12 Mentorship student, 2012 Junior Company member, 2012-13 CBJ Apprentice, Current full contract CBJ Company member

P106 – Commercial Dance – Jazz and Hip Hop

Commercial Dance (P106) is a full twelve-month certificate program graduating professional triple-threat dancers ready for a career in commercial dance.

This intensive full twelve-month program provides you with the performance skills and marketability necessary to work in the vast field of commercial dance. A graduate has the ability to dance, sing and act enabling a performance career in music videos, musical theatre, cruise ship performance and more. Dance training is in jazz, hip hop and ballet combined with in depth acting, vocals and chorus repertoire. Career management and personal marketing skills, combined with polished performance technique will launch your professional commercial dance career.

Student Selection
Students auditioning for Commercial Dance Studies should have a minimum of five years training in Jazz Dance; training in additional dance forms is an asset.

A Look at your Program
P106 Term 1 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
P106 Term 2 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes
P106 Term 3 – Sample of Weekly Schedule of Classes

I wouldn’t have traded one single person in that class. They were my brothers and sisters at the end. We sweated together; we cried together, we yelled at each other. I loved them!! And still do.

Emily Brown
P103 Graduate – performing at Mod Club, Artistic Director  at Kelly Van Gaver Dance Studio, Choreography Award at Luv 2 Dance

Our graduates are WORKING!

In the Project Based Dance Industry applying for funding for their own projects, choreographing, founding companies, joining and forming groups and producing shows; performing in festivals, cabarets, theatres and resorts.

In the Dance Training Studio Industry, driven by television and live dance competitions, graduates are teaching, choreographing, coaching, judging as well as founding and taking ownership of their own studios.

In the Commercial Dance Industry, performing on cruise lines, at resorts & casinos as well as touring with children’s productions such as “Franklin, the turtle”.

In the Dance Fitness and Workshop Industry, teaching and developing the expanding market of dance fitness and specialized workshops; taking this product across Canada and abroad.

In the Sports & Dance Teams Industry, cheerleading, forming and joining dance teams.

In Film and Television, dancing in productions, music videos, developing dance on film projects.

In Traditional Dance Companies & Festivals, apprenticing, performing and touring with established dance companies and festivals such as Stratford, Canada’s Ballet Jörgen, Toronto Dance Theatre and the Charlottetown Festival.

On Arts and Master’s Degrees in universities and continued professional development in fields such as circus performance, personal fitness, stage management, nutrition & physical therapies.

A sampler of companies our graduates are working for:

2015 Pan Games Dance Artist, A2D2 Aerial Dance, Abroad in Australia, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Lebanon, Artists Play Dance Theatre*, Ballet Espressivo, Ballet Kelowna,  Blaze Entertainment, Blue Ceiling Dance, Cadence Ballet*, Canada’s Ballet Jörgen, Carnival Cruise Lines, Charlottetown Festival, Chimera Dance Project, Circus Orange, Dance Fuzion, Dance Ontario, Disney Cruise Lines, DivaGirl Entertainment, Drayton Entertainment, Dusk Dances, Elite Stage Productions, Hamilton Tiger Cats Dance Team, Honey Kats, Human Body Expression, Jay9 Dance Projects, I/O Movement*, La Belle Danse Baroque Company, Les Mills International Dance Fitness, Lindsay Ritter Productions, Luminato Festival, Melbourne Dance Theatre Company, Mirvish Productions, Much Music, Lady Gaga, Ontario Ballet Theatre, Paul Ibey Dance Company, Princess Cruise Lines, REAson D’etre Productions, So You Think You Can Dance, Starting Pointe Productions*, Stiletto Girls*, Stratford Festival, The Garage, The Rockettes, Toronto Argonauts Blue Thunder Dance Team, Toronto Burlesque Festival, Toronto Dance Theatre, Toronto Marlies Dance Pak, Toronto Raptors Dance Team, Toronto Rock Dance Team, Tree House Television, Valence Movement Dance Theatre*, Wonderland Dance Company

*Company founded by GBD Graduate


My program was one year, and I felt it was the perfect time span for someone like myself. I have a hard time staying in one place for a long time and I am always on the move. I felt that my program gave me the opportunity to fast track the learning and really [got] me into the shape and mindset I needed to be in to start my career. I feel like the length of my program was almost the push I needed to take the first steps into my career, and really figure out what I wanted to do in this industry, as I knew graduation was fast approaching.

P101 Graduate

Q: What do you hope for the future? Has GBC given you the resources to obtain those goals?
A: My goals are to sustain a career in dance, whether in performance, choreography or arts administration. GBC has given me the proper tools to have a successful, full career in the dance community.

P105 Graduate

Q: What was the most beneficial aspect of your program?
A: It’s hard to choose just one since everyone at George Brown helped impact my career. If I had to choose, it would have to be the vocal and acting classes. I came to the college as a dancer, and left as a dancer, singer and actor.

Q: Was there a particular teacher/choreographer/person who inspired your choice of career path and how did they do this?
A: Someone who had always inspired me since day one would have to be Derek Sangster. He’s tough on students, but it’s because he cares about his students’ futures. He helped open my eyes to the commercial program, which is the path I have chosen for the most part. He said my personality would fit right in.

P106 Graduate

George Brown College Dance provided me with the skills to land a professional career with Canada’s Ballet Jörgen. I was taught a wide array of dance forms, acting, and vocals lessons within the George Brown Dance program. The diverse studies created a much more enriching environment as opposed to solely studying ballet. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and studying subjects I hadn’t before was exciting, resulting in a versatile sense of self expression through my dancing. Developing this sense of self expression proved to be valuable in the professional world of performing arts.

The programs excellent caliber of classical ballet training provided me with the technique and confidence that was necessary to jump start a career. I was lucky to work with wonderful teachers and coaches that had also worked closely with Ballet  Jörgen company members. Studying in the same location as the company dancers proved to inspire me on a day to day basis, watching rehearsals in my spare time. All these components pushed me to set goals for myself; graduating from George Brown College, completing the mentorship program, and receiving an apprenticeship contract, which has brought me where am today working as a full member of Canada’s Ballet Jörgen.

Ayva Rossouw-Holland – 2010 Summer Intensive IV student, 2011 P105 Graduate, 2011-12 Mentorship student, 2012 Junior Company member, 2012-13 CBJ Apprentice, Current full contract CBJ Company member

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