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Each of CBJ’s male dancers faced their own unique challenges to a career in dance. By sharing their stories, they hope to inspire the next generation of artists to overcome their own obstacles and realise their dreams.

Daniel Da Silva

São Paulo, Brazil
Company Member Since 2009


“Listen to those who only care about your well-being and that want you to succeed. If ballet is your passion, your calling, work hard and the rewards will come!”

Adam Davidson

Zephyr, Ontario
CBJ/George Brown College P101 Dance Certificate Program Graduate
CBJ/GBC P105 Diploma Program Graduate
CBJ/RBC Apprentice 2019-2020
Company Member since 2020

“Life as a male dancer will definitely be full of obstacles inside and outside of the workplace. Some vastly simpler to overcome than others, but just remember that you have a community of people who are going through or who have been through similar if not the exact same situation you are, and even if you feel like you are alone you really aren’t.”

Bengt Jörgen, C.M.

Artistic Director, CEO and Co-Founder


Bengt Jörgen Canada's Ballet Jörgen

It was my middle school teacher who transformed my life and helped me
aspire to be the man I am today

Adrián Ramírez Juárez

Mexico City, Mexico
CBJ Junior Company Member 2013
CBJ/RBC Apprentice 2013-2014
Company Member since 2014



“The advice I would give to boys wanting to dance is to just do it! Don’t be afraid, fear will take you nowhere in life.”

Callum McGregor

Glasgow, Scotland
CBJ/RBC Apprentice 2019-2020
Company Member since 2020


“Be proud of what you want to do, don’t let anyone try to make you feel less just because you may be doing something a little different from what they are doing.”

Leandro Prado

Altamira, Pará, Brazil
Company Member since 2016



“I would like to tell all the boys to follow their dreams no matter what other people think.
A career in dance is so short and you shouldn’t spend that time trying to convince others
that dancing is what makes you happy.”

Hiroto Saito

Kobe, Japan
Company Member Since 2007
CBJ Ballet Master Since 2017


“No matter what others tell you or if you feel you are not supported, always believe in yourself.” 

Márcio Teixeira

São Caetano, Brazil
CBJ Junior Company Member 2017 and 2018
CBJ/RBC Apprentice 2018-2019
Company Member since 2019


“I would encourage young male dancers to focus on your dreams and follow them.”

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