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Staff Spotlight: Aleksandra Maslennikova

June 28, 2019

“I receive so much wonderful feedback from CBJ/Ballet 101 audiences. It’s inspiring!”

What is your role at CBJ?
My official title is Business Services Coordinator. In practice, this means I am involved in various departments of CBJ: education, finance, fundraising, development, marketing, and of course, administration. My role and area of work changes every hour, sometimes even more often according to the demand and pressing needs! I do everything administrative such as accounting, payments’ processing, office management, and studio rentals. I also assist with development front handling a variety of tasks related to institutional and individual giving, grant proposal drafting, research funding, and event planning/organizing. I am usually the first person you talk to when you call CBJ by phone and/or contact us by email.

What do you enjoy most about working with CBJ?
Every day is different. At work, I am surrounded by artists, beautiful music, and constant creativity. I get to see the rehearsals and observe every step of a new ballet’s creation. Also, since I’m often the first point of interaction with the public via email/phone, I receive so much wonderful feedback from CBJ/Ballet 101 audiences. It’s inspiring!

You have a special role you are undertaking regarding the orchestration of Anne of Green Gables – The Ballet™. Share with us what you will be doing.
We are going to Kyiv, Ukraine to record the music with The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. I’ve been coordinating everything with the orchestra, and I will be the middle point (translator/interpreter) between them and Bengt. I will be assisting Bengt and orchestrator Alexander Levkovich as needed with administrative and management tasks to make sure the recording process goes smoothly and on time. And of course, I will take lots of pictures!

What is something people may not know about you?
I grew up in Moscow, spent my postgraduate years in sunny California and chaotic New York, and moved to Toronto a while ago. Here, I immediately got pulled into the performing arts – acting both on camera (features and shorts/Indie) and theatre (including a solo show). I have a toy poodle; she’s a real trooper. We hike with her a lot and take her on numerous hardcore Algonquin backcountry canoe trips!

Written by Victoria Campbell Windle, CBJ Communications Contributor.

Anne of Green Gables – The Ballet™ premieres September 28, 2019 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For more information and tour dates visit our Anne page.

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