Leave a Legacy

Enabling future generations of Canadians to experience the transformative magic of ballet.

Over the years, Canada’s Ballet Jörgen has been blessed with having friends and supporters who share in the company’s vision, including generous donors who included us in their estate planning. By choosing to make CBJ a part of their legacy, they continue to enable future generations of Canadians experience the transformative magic of ballet.

If you would like to make a legacy gift to CBJ, there are a few simple options available. For more information about charitable bequests please contact Stephen Word, 416-415-5000 ext. 2857 or stephen@balletjorgen.ca.


You can include us in your will with:

  • A percentage of your estate or a dollar amount in cash
  • A residual bequest whereby CBJ receives all or a portion of the remainder of your estate after other beneficiaries, debts, taxes and other expenses have been settled
  • A contingent bequest that comes into effect only if the primary intention of the will cannot be met.

Life Insurance Policy

You can make a gift through your Life Insurance Policy by:

  • Designating CBJ as one of the beneficiaries on your policy. Upon activation, the policy proceeds are paid directly to CBJ. Gifts from life insurance policies are not subject to probate fees or taxes and are eligible for charitable tax receipts, payable to your estate in gift year, and a portion can be carried back one year for greater tax efficiency.
  • Transferring an existing policy to CBJ. You will receive a tax receipt for the cash value of the policy at the time of transfer. If premiums continue to be paid, you will receive a receipt each year equal to value of the premium. Upon activation, CBJ will receive the full value of the policy.

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) / Registered Retirement Income Fund (RIF) / Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

You can make a gift through these investment plans and saving accounts by including CBJ as a beneficiary, whereby a portion of the value of the plan would be considered a charitable gift to CBJ. For an RSP or RIF, there will be income tax on the value of the plan, which can be offset with donation credits and a charitable receipt for the value of the gift; the receipt can also be carried back one year for greater tax efficiency. Arrangements for RSP/RIF/TFSA can be changed or re-directed at any time, and is one of the most flexible ways of making arrangements for charitable giving through your estate.

If you have included Canada’s Ballet Jörgen in your will, please allow us the opportunity to thank you and recognize your gift by notifying us.