Bonnie E. Robson

Health & Wellness Committee, MD, D.Psych, DCP, FRCPC

Bonnie E. Robson is a retired psychiatrist who has worked with elite athletes and performing artists, teachers, and administrators since 1983. Her original research led to international presentations and publications in juried journals such as Medical Problems of Performing Artists and Journal of Dance Medicine and Science. She served on their editorial Boards and the Board of PAMA and of NETWORK Schools. She was honoured by the latter with a lifetime achievement award for contribution to arts education and by PAMA with the Bill Dawson Award. A member of the Dance USA Task Force on Dancer Health, she serves on the membership committee of Healthy Dancer Canada, the Mental Health Working Group of IADMS, the committee on professional standards and behaviors of PAMA and on the Board of the Bridge Dance Project, She has been associated with Ballet Jorgen since 2012.